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There can be no doubt that Dylan Tauber remains an unwavering example of artistic vision and innovation. With an impressive track record spanning over a quarter of a century, Tauber’s latest opus, “Sea People,” stands as a testament to his enduring dedication and creativity. This 17th installment in his discography invites listeners on a captivating odyssey through the uncharted territories of experimental electronic ambient and cinematic music, crafting an immersive auditory experience that is nothing short of mesmerizing. Read More
Jamesphere.com 9/7/23

Within the expansive and ever-evolving domain of electronic music, a select few artists emerge as extraordinary visionaries. Dylan Tauber, a distinguished electronic musician, cyberartist, accomplished photographer, and celebrated author, has adeptly navigated this creative universe for more than twenty-five years. His most recent creation, the album "Sea People," extends an invitation to embark on a captivating journey through a sonic terrain that resonates profoundly with the human spirit. Read More
AriyelsBlog.com 9/2/23

Looking for music that will make you feel alive and energized? Look no further than Dylan Tauber's latest album, "I Am Alive". With over two decades of experience as an award-winning electronic musician, author, photographer and more, Tauber has truly mastered his craft, and it shows in every note of this new album.
The album kicks off with "Love and You Will Live", a high-energy track that's sure to get your heart racing, pounding with beats and synths, this song is a retro-funky gem that's the perfect introduction to the album. As the title track, "I Am Alive" commands attention from the very first note, with hard-hitting percussion and keys driving the song forward.
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EDMRekords.com, 3/9/23

The latest album from Dylan Tauber, "I Am Alive", is a stunning display of his signature style of electronic music blended with vocal trance and world music. At 39 minutes long, it’s a concise yet powerful showcase of Tauber’s mastery of his craft. The album was released on Wednesday, and it’s already making waves in the music industry.One of the most notable things about I Am Alive is its profound songwriting direction. Tauber has always been an artist who explores the intersection of technology and spirituality, and this album takes that theme to a new level. The songs on the album are not just about the individual’s relationship with oneself but also about their connection to the world around them.
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IndieMusicFlix.com 3/10/23

Now, Dylan is taking us on another brilliant adventure, taking an exploratory view of the universe through twelve original songs that are as visceral as they are cathartic. With every release Dylan is able to create something new and exciting for us to enjoy, and ‘I Am Alive’, his sixteenth record is no different. Built to contribute something fresh and innovative to the electronic genre, it’s an album that can best be described as transcendent, proving just how good Dylan really is.
Incredibly melodic in a way that only Dylan can produce, ‘I Am Alive’ is an album filled to the absolute brim with dizzying electronics and EDM-infused anthemics, shining with rhythm, groove, and an undeniable sense of euphoria. As with his previous releases, there’s a sense of joyful familiarity that inhabit each of the tracks, with every track working together to emphasise Dylan’s message of love and exploration."
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Broken8Records.com 3/6/23

Dylan Tauber has been a master of his craft for the better part of two-and-a-half decades. Renowned as an award winning electronic musician, cyber artist, photographer, and author, Dylan graduated from Columbia University in 1996, and has been based, in NYC, Jerusalem, Miami, a remote island in the southwestern Pacific, and currently a kibbutz in northern Israel where he is Artist-in-Residence. Through the years, Dylan has both refined and expanded his modes of production. His latest and 15th album, "The Lagoon", is a true masterpiece. Throughout twelve dynamic, yet hyper-reflexive and cleanly mastered tracks, Dylan Tauber takes listeners on a journey into sound dimensions that are awash with throbbing percussion, pulsating basslines, sweeping synths and infectious melodies, dripping with infectiously mellifluous female vocals. Read More
Buddy Nelson,
Jamsphere.com 9/4/22

It feels odd to say that "He Loves Carmen" might be Dylan Tauber’s best work to-date, mostly because one could say that about each of his 14 albums and it would always be true. Tauber’s a master of sound science and creates a new world of sound for each album he releases. For the EDM, set, however, this one will hit different. Expertly produced and full of beautiful composition to keep the tech nerds happy but effortlessly emotive and covering a wide range of eras at the same time, He Loves Carmen also happens to fit in perfectly with what’s hot right now in electronica. It’s sort of a Hudson Mohawke effect, driven once again by Derkach’s vocals: the emotion, the tech, the skill and the cool all just come together here, and it’s even more poignant that it’s inspired by love.
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Layla Marino, YourEDM.com 6/29/22

Dylan Tauber is a very prolific musician. I just reviewed his album "Sounds from Space 2," what seems like merely weeks ago, although it was actually last year...and I loved it. This new album is a bit more romantic, as you can tell from the title, but it's just as enigmatic and emotional.
The idea that electronica can be soulful, human, or moving might seem antithetical to some, but Dylan Tauber's music is profoundly organic. Each sound made comes from somewhere deep within his mind, he creates waves of rhythm and delicate spiraling emotive soundscapes. It's easy to become transported by him, even as you listen to what is clearly manufactured. But isn't everything we hear just our minds' interpretation of what is real...I loved this album.
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NohoArtsDistrict.com 5/14/22

Dylan Tauber is proud to present his 14th studio album and its one of his best works yet. Taking things in a different direction, Dylan Tauber explores a more ambient approach to his last studio releases that have focused heavily on trance. 'He Loves Carmen' is a 14-track LP that captures Dylan's versatility as a dance music producer. It's a dedication to his true nature as a crafter of electronica. In his track, 'Light Warrior', Dylan Tauber collaborates with Ukranian vocalist, Anastasia Derkach, amidst the horrors of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. Despite the ongoing horrors, Derkach sings her heart out to the lovely 'Light Warrior'.
The album is being well received worldwide and is already garnering quite a bit of attention on global radio waves.
Dylan Tauber has been in the game for over 25 years and the latest album showcases his tenure. Throughout the album, you'll discover a newly invented sound from Dylan Tauber and how masterfully he's crafted his new sound for all to enjoy.
The globe-trotting producer has shown no signs of slowly down, and we'll be sure to hear more from his camp in the near future. Read More
GlobalDanceElectronic.com 5/11/22

Dylan Tauber is emerging as one of the most exciting, consistent and cerebral electronic producers in the game. Crossing every digitally created genre, into an indescribable dream of colorful electronica, Tauber’s music dips and bleeds into ambient, chill, lounge, trance, electro, as well as deep melodic house. What the long-standing producer has done with his exquisite electronic confections is nothing short of captivating and intentionally all embracing….The release of this album release proves Tauber is a producer who cares about maintaining his creative process, and the undisputed quality of this work indicates that he is exceling at it. “He Loves Carmen” has a high replayability, and with further listens, more nuanced touches are revealed. The continuing evolution of Dylan Tauber’s sound is a delight to behold.
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Jamsphere.com 4/17/22

Where Phenomenal Meets Philosophy: Get Lost in a Sensational Electronic Drive as Dylan Tauber of Son of Waves Studios Delivers Yet Another Album “He Loves Carmen”.
Blending ideas with some electrically charged ambient sounds that speak not only of his philosophical beliefs but also a way of life that cannot be interfered with- somehow feels spiritual in its own measure and as the heavens above echo in resonance, great vibes get splashed down here; Dylan Tauber, the face behind Sons of Waves Studios, is an award-winning electronica musician, cyber artist, photographer, and author who is based in northern Israel. Sons of Waves has released 14 studio albums, all of which have gained critical acclaim on Israeli radio stations. What we’re seeing is a prodigious star whose skill knows no bounds!
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AfricanHype.com 4/6/22

If you’ve read as much about Dylan Tauber as I have, you’d know you’re on safe ground when it comes to the music he’s making long before even pushing play. This man right here…is incredibly well-traveled, has all kinds of worldly experience, and is a justifiable artist by many definitions – not only does he create a stellar brand of his own Electro, but he’s actually quite the accomplished photographer as well. In addition to all the OTHER stuff he’s got goin’ on too – Dylan’s quite the busy guy. He’s lived in multiple places all over the globe, he’s had his music on the airwaves & screens worldwide as well, he’s written a screenplay, released an audiobook, had his art/photos shown in professionally renowned galleries…let’s be real here – Tauber’s a man of many gifts, yes – but most importantly, he’s using them. read more.
SleepingBagStudios.ca 4/13/22

Dylan Tauber's "Sounds from Space 2" is the second installment in his ambient, cinematic and profoundly intelligent musical journey. Each short track like a postcard from his mind as he allows the sounds of electronic, acoustic and vocals to mix and mingle and unfold. Dylan Tauber's "Sounds from Space 2" is really beautiful. It's a blend of soundscape, rhythm and effects. Yet, all present and complete, as if played live by one person somehow. "Sounds from Space 2" is poetry. One person's examination of his own world. Extrapolated thoughts through music and sound, those tiny vibrations that resonate from tip to toe. This is the kind of music that instantly takes you to a very particular place. Teleporting you to a moment and holding you there while Dylan Tauber shares something full of truth. "Sounds from Space 2" is absolutely fantastic. Every track another opportunity to spend time in someone else's world. Loved it!!. read more
NohoArtsDistrict.com 8/23/21

Following his previous releases that we covered: 'Sounds from Space' and 'Dolphin Trance 2', Dylan Tauber returns with the second instalment to 'Sounds from Space'. Here he focuses on his strengths with ambient and transcending electronica that has pushed this prolific producer from Israel to the top. As you can infer from the album title, Tauber engages with his space theme in various tunes that really showcase his ambient productions such as 'Angels 2.0', 'Heavenly', and 'Earth'. 'Ambience of India' and 'Indian Ocean' showcase what you can only describe as transcending electronica. Peaceful, reinvigorating and really a moment of pause in this fast-pace, ever-changing world. read more
GlobalDanceElectronic.com 8/11/21

One of Israel's best musical exports, Dylan Tauber, is quickly making a huge name for himself in the mainstream music industry. We’ve had a chance to review one of Dylan’s previous albums, and don’t forget, he’s already released 12! He’s just released his 13th studio album called "Sound From Space 2", which is an epic sound that correlates and follows his original album, Sounds From Space.
The electronic/ambient EP delivers atmospheric productions with amazing sharp synths, ethereal arrangements, and uplifting melodies. We all need this type of energy right now; this is the type of energy to move up and on to a better us.
Let’s take a look at the first two songs that we listened to first in this album. We begin first with "Ambience of India", which delivers melodic bliss combined with ear-gracing instrumentation. Next, we listen to the emotion-evoking and powerful "Call Me The Sun", which again leaves us upbeat to strive for new beginnings.
"Sounds From Space 2" takes the audience on a crazy musical journey with a unique, distinctive electronic style combined with cinematic and ambient sound.
"Sounds from Space 2" also features a poetic and ethereal aura that surrounds your ears to shiver to. We shiver because it is that good. This album is best enjoyed with a pair of quality headphones, just hit the play button at track one and let Dylan take you on a deep musical journey.
This release is a testament to Dylan Tauber’s versatility as a music producer and his innate talent. We encourage, nay, implore you to check out his newest album, which will surely not disappoint but instead inspire.
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RJ Frometa,
Vents Magazine 8/12/21

“Sounds From Space 2” takes the listener on a musical journey with a distinctive electronic style combined with an ambient, cinematic sound. From the powerful and emotion-evoking “Ambience of India” to the upbeat and motivating “Call Me The Sun”, Dylan Tauber delivers melodic bliss combined with ear-gracing instrumentation. This talented artist maintains a fully charged arsenal of high octane music that supports the fact that he is set to make a strong impact on the music industry, as well as the charts. This release is a testament to Tauber’s versatility as a producer and his innate talent. Dylan’s sound is inspired by his travels around the world, especially at a remote Pacific island’s turquoise lagoon. As Tauber continues to release music, he is an artist to keep an eye and ear out for. Read More.
JerusalemOnline.com 2/1/21

"Artist and visionary Dylan Tauber has been making music for well over two decades, his most recent release being the aptly named ‘Sounds From Space’.
His 12th album to date, the album features 15 new tracks, some featuring the vocal talent of Enlia and Francessca Belisario. The opening track, ’11:18:16’, sets an eerie yet elegant vibe, with an almost oceanic quality. Incredibly cinematic by nature, it perfectly sets the stage for what is to come from the rest of the album.
‘Carmen Song’ is one of the tracks that stands out most from the album, which was written for Dylan’s girlfriend, Carmen. Dylan says that the entire album was inspired by her, but this track especially exudes a certain passion that is reminiscent of the feelings surrounding any budding romance."

MostAddictive.net 12/22/17

“A forward-thinking electronica visionary, Dylan Tauber's music is ambient and trance inducing.
He started his career as an ambitious independent artist 20 years ago, and since then has made some waves around the world. More well known as a cyber star, Dylan also published two books as he completed his now, 10th album. A well balanced, multi talented artist, we congratulate Tauber for his years of dedication to his art, as he begins to gain recognition around the world.”

WailMusicMag.com 1/2/17

“Dylan Tauber is an Israeli producer, writer and DJ with over 20 years in the electronic music business. Best known for ambient and trance electronica, Tauber is known for his penchant for aquatic-inspired sounds. To mark the 20 year anniversary of his first album, Double Mirrors Soundtrack, Tauber released his 11th and 12th album, respectively.  One album was a retrospective-sized compilation of greatest hits, and the other he named Dolphin Trance 2. This album, released last September, contains remixes and variations of his most popular songs, as well as six new ambient tracks.”
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TheMusicSite.com 2/16/17

“For 20 years, the creative mind of Dylan Tauber has been creating a unique online interaction by curating music, design, and all things alike. The award-winning musician has been trotting around the globe absorbing all he can to produce a legacy of art he can be proud of. Formerly based in large metropolitan areas such as New York and Miami, Tauber can now be found in Northern Israel, where he is spending most of his time focusing on his self-named, trance project.”
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Johnathan Wan, GlobalDanceElectronic.com 1/5/17

“Dylan Tauber is a man of many talents, he has excelled in a variety of the arts (writing, photography and keyboard). With several books out as well as 12 albums, 10 of which were free, over the span of his 20 year long career, Tauber is a creator. With his latest release “Sounds from Space,” the artist is taking his listeners on a spiritual journey with his record. Featuring vocals by the talented Francessca Belisario and Enlia, the 15 track album is a versatile electronic masterpiece.”
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Salma Almed, AudibleAddixion.com 11/29/17

“Having a record like this in your lineup is a necessity. It’s nice to get away from the world and relaxing material like this really helps to escape and find piece of mind. Composed and produced by Dylan Tauber, “Sounds from Space” seems like prime score material. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear some of these in a video game or film down the line. Top tracks for me have to be “Clouds (feat. Enila)” and I’m digging the more rhythmic cuts as well like “12-16-16” and “Space groove.””
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EDMsauce.com 11/24/17

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