The questions:

איך נולדה ההחלטה שאתה רוצה ליצור מוזיקה ?

1. How born the decision that you want to create music ?

In the early 90’s I was spending a lot of time in trance music clubs in both Tel Aviv and NYC. I have many fond memories there. That is how I knew I would make electronic music of my own. I have since then recorded 11 albums, and am now working on a 12th album called “Sounds from Space”

מהיכן אתה מקבל השראה ?

2. How you get the inspiration ?

When I was a student in Columbia University in NYC at the age 19, I met a beautiful music promoter named Sarah who also worked with the band Nine Inch Nails, which was a very popular electronic band in the 90s. They even filled Madison Square Garden once. Since I also studied photography at Columbia, I photographed Sarah, and she became my muse for both my art and music. Her advice to me was buy a sampler and get really good speakers. I soon afterwards built my first studio in a small manhattan apartment.

3.  איך זה לחיות בארץ? האם אתה מרגיש ישראלי  או עדיין אמריקאי ?  

3. How is to live in Israel ? What you feel more Israeli or American ? 

I love Israel with all my heart. I made Aliyah in 2005 and now feel 100% Israeli, even though my Hebrew is not perfect. I was the first person in my family to make Aliyah, and in 2005, I could almost feel my grandparents who had passed away earlier, smiling at me from above.

איך אתה מגדיר את הסגנון המוזיקלי שלך ?

4. How you define your music style ? 

My music is electronic music ranging from trance to ambient, and the last few albums have had a lot of vocals. So I would say this album is vocal trance and vocal ambient.

למה בחרת בדולפינים וים ? מה יש שם שמחבר אותך לאנרגיות האלו ?

5. Why did you choose dolphins and sea in your music ? What is there that connect you to this energies ? 

My name “Dylan” means "Son of Waves" in Welsh. This is why I call my studio “Son of Waves Studios.” I have loved the sea / ocean since I was a small child with my family in a beach house in Nantasket near Boston. This love of the sea grew when I was 18 and studying for one year at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I spent a lot of time swimming in the sea / beaches of Tel Aviv.  While I was in university in the 90s, we had the summer off, and I spent every summer in Israel, where you could often find me swimming in Tel Aviv. I even saved a 10 year old girl from drowning once while swimming there.
As for dolphins, by chance I was at the Dolphin Reef in Eilat wth a friend, and fell in love with the dolphins there. I then swam with dolphins all over the world including Florida, Costa Rica, and Sinai (Nuweiba).  I photographed the dolphins underwater, and you can see my work in the gallery on one of my web sites.

I most enjoyed swimming with wild dolphins. My friend in Costa Rica films dolphins underwater and gave me permission to put her footage in my music videos.

מה יכולות הריפוי לדעתך מהמוזיקה שאתה יוצר ?

6. What do you think healing properties of music you create ?

I believe all music is healing, especially slow ambient music, and I even have an album called the “The Healing” which I recorded in 2003 in Boston.

אילו פדבקים אתה מקבל מהקהל הישראלי ?

7. Which feedbacks you get from the israeli audieance ?

I have had a lot of reviews of my two albums “Dolphin Trance” and "Dolphin Trance 2” internationally:


I was having a little bit of difficulty finding how to reach an Israeli audience, but my “Osef 2” album has gotten a lot of positive feedback here in Israel:

ספר קצת על הזמרות ששרות באלבום 

8. Tell us about the female singers that sing in the album.

I have worked with six vocalists.

For my seventh album, “Breathe”, Dege (an Ethiopian Israeli) and Sarah- a vocalist who liked my music so much she worked for me for free. Interestingly Sarah was also featured on a track by DJ Tiesto, so I was lucky she worked me with me.

In 2015, I completed an eighth album titled Near Death Experience, together with the vocals of Jennifer and Karmen Novko.

My 9th album “Dolphin Trance” and 10th album, “Dolphin Trance 2”, from 2016, features the vocals of Enlia, an amazingly talented vocalist from France. She is best with my ambient tracks. "Dolphin Trance 2" and my current project “Sounds from Space” also features Francessca Belisario. She is from the US and is perfect for my trance tracks. 

מה השיר הכי אהוב עליך באלבום ?

9. What is your favorite song in the album ?

My favorite song in “Osef 2" is “Slowly (feat. Enlia)”. I listen to it whenever I am stressed out and get instantly calm and inspired.

האם המוזיקה שלך אקטואלית בעידן המילניום ? ומדוע

10. Is your music relevant and update to the millenium and why ?

I think all music is timeless. I mostly listen to trance music from the 90’s and bands like Deep Forest and Enigma. I think they will still sound good even 20 years from now.

איך אנשים יכולים להתחבר לעצמם במוזיקה שלך ?

11.  How people can connect themselves to your music ?

The best way to connect to my music is to imagine swimming or laying in the sun at the beach, and be ready to be put in a mood that is magical and very different than mainstream pop or electronic music, which is all formulaic and often sounds the same.

איזה קשר אתה רואה בין ישראל למוזיקה שלך ?

12. Which connection you see between Israel and your music ?

My music is all about the same values that I have learned here in Israel. For example “No Fear” in this album I think is a very Israeli concept. My song “Slowly” is like an Israeli saying “לאט לאט”. And the common love in Israel of the sea (from small children to the elderly) makes my music very relevant here, especially for those who understand the English lyrics. Israel also has a huge electronic music scene.

13. אילו הפתעות וחידושים יש במוזיקה שלך ?  אילו מסרים אתה מביא ?

13. Which surprises and innovations have in your music ? Which messages you bring to the listeners ?

I surprise people with music with my lyrical and very unconventional style. Also, I provide free downloads for every track on 8 of my albums on my web site and my Son of Waves Studios web site. This is not common in today’s world of commercialized music. My message is simple - the only thing that exists is love. Fear is an illusion. We choose every moment to be either loving or fearful, and by living in the present, we can be loving. Music helps us to be in the present.  I think this is why dancing to trance music with a large group of people is such an amazing experience. 

נראה שהאלבום כולו רוחניות אם אתה מגדיר את עצמך אדם כזה ? איך זה בא לידי ביטוי ?

14. It seems that your album is full of spiritual. You define yourself as an spiritual person ? How it express on your life ?

I am extremely spiritual. But not in the traditional sense. I am interested in Out of Body Experiences (or astral projection) and Near Death Experiences. (חוויית סף מוות). These concepts are experienced by millions of people all over the world. in 2005, when I moved to Israel one of the first things I saw on TV was an evening talk show with a man who was able to leave his body and bring messages to the other guests from the Astral Plane. My 8th album is even called “Near Death Experience." I believe all of us have an inner light, and we have a responsibility to first discover this light within us, and then share it with the world. This is what I try to do as an artist.

מהם הדיאלוגים במוזיקה שלך ? נראה שאתה מביא משחקי תפקידים בשירים.

What are the dialogues in your music? There seems to be singing role-playing games.

I try to connect with the singers as much as possible on an emotional level to make the music as meaningful as possible.

מהו קהל היעד שלך ?

What is your target audience ?

My target audience for “Osef 2" is all Israelis of all ages

מתי הכי מומלץ לדעתך להאזין למוזיקה של האלבום ?

When you think best advised to listen to music of the album?

The trance tracks can be listened to any time of day. I recommend listening to the ambient tracks in the evening to help relax. Some people have even told me my ambient music puts them to sleep.

מה מטרת המוזיקה שלך ?

What is the purpose of your music ?

The purpose of my music is to share my inner light , my truth, with the world. This is what I consider is the goal of all art.

איפה אתה רואה את עצמך בעוד 5 שנים ?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years I see myself exactly where I am now, recording more music, hopefully in Hebrew with the perfect Israeli singer.

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